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  1. g 3rd-person action/RPG based on the classic Chinese tale Journey to the West. Here's everything we know so far including characters, story, lore, and more
  2. Black Myth: Wukong is designed to be a gritty take on Journey to the West, featuring a more complex, dark version of the tale of Sun Wukong the Monkey King escorting a monk with a sacred scroll
  3. 'Black Myth: Wu Kong' is a Soulslike game that riffs on the 'Journey to the West' legend, developed by fledgling Chinese developer Game Science Studio. Flashy, stylish gameplay makes this one to.

Black Myth Wukong was announced yesterday and it's a Chinese Soulsike project which has wowed games across the globe. It was announced with some truly stunning gameplay footage that plenty of. The trailer gives us a 13-minute glimpse of official gameplay footage for the mysterious Black Myth: Wukong and seems to show us an exquisitely rendered action RPG set in ancient China. It begins with the camera following a bee through a detailed mountainous forest, giving us a brief tour of the terrain and establishing a clearcut fantasy. Black Myth: Wu Kong requires at least a Radeon RX 5600 6GB or GeForce GTX 1070 to meet recommended requirements running on high graphics setting, with 1080p resolution No Black Myth: Wukong release date has been set at the time of writing. The developers plan to launch the game when [they] are satisfied with the gameplay experience © Valve Corporation. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. #footer_privacy_policy | #footer.

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Black Myth: Wukong - компьютерная видеоигра в жанре экшена с элементами РПГ, события которой разворачиваются в открытом для исследования мире. В центре сюжета стоит один из самых главных героев китайской мифологии - Король. According to a series of Tweets by Industry Analyst Daniel Ahmad, Black Myth is a single player action RPG game that will be based on the Journey to the West mythology stories and will focus on the Monkey King (Wukong) and his many abilities, up to 72 of which are in the game Black Myth: Wukong, un juego que está causando una gran expectación en las últimas horas, podría marcar un antes y un después para los juegos de origen chino

A Black Myth: Wukong egy soulslike beütésű akció-szerepjáték, amely a kínai mitológiára építő regényből, a Nyugati utazásból merített ihletet. A szintén kínai fejlesztőcsapat, a Game Science mindjárt egy 13 perces gameplay videó kíséretében rántotta le a leplet az Unreal Engine 4 hajtotta munkájáról Asmongold is blown away by Black Myth Wukong, China's first AAA game is an action adventure RPG which will be available for PC, PS5 & XBOX series X. This new.. Before August 20, Game Science's Black Myth: Wukong was a practically unknown project. 24 hours later, it was IGN's biggest news story of the day, had garnered over 10 million views on Chinese video site BiliBili alone, and was earning praise from across the Internet. Game Science founder Feng Ji has now responded to the huge, sudden popularity of the game, said the team will now hide to.

Black Myth: Wukong may not be a household name yet, but it's already attracted a lot of attention following its recent announcement and gameplay trailer.. This is the first large-scale project from Chinese indie developer Game Science and it looks incredibly ambitious 新アクションRPG『Black Myth: Wu Kong』の13分間の開発中ゲームプレイ公開。初見の印象はとても良いと言っていいものだ

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  1. Black Myth: Wukong will come with 72 special abilities to utilise and are used to combat the game's many foes, several of which are shown during the gameplay demo
  2. 中国の深圳に本拠を置くGame Scienceが開発中の「Black Myth: WuKong」(原題:「黒神話: 悟空」)の13分におよぶトレイラーを公開した。「西遊記」の孫.
  3. Black Myth: Wu Kong erinnert stark an Spiele wie Sekiro, nimmt sich aber die chinesische Mythologie und Die Reise nach Westen zur Brust. Zugegeben, es gibt noch nicht besonders viele Infos zu.
  4. ute trailer was released for Black Myth: Wukong, a new story-driven game from Chinese developer Game Science.The trailer showcases a stunning re-imagining of the timeless Chinese novel Journey to the West. The entire trailer is voiced in Chinese and only features subtitles for the opening, leaving English audiences with only a portion of the full story
  5. t a Marvel Moziverzum
  6. utes of gameplay, showing off Black Myth's impressive visuals and fluid action as the main protagonist Sun Wukong seamlessly transforms into insects, fights enemies with a bo-staff and fluid martial arts, freezes time for brief moments and even battles a giant werewolf-like boss at.
  7. g world by storm. That's despite the fact that it has no release date, and it's not from a studio anyone recognises. Oh, also, it looks just obscenely pretty. The footage seems to be Wukong telling tales of his youth to someone

Black Myth: Wukong is an Action-RPG take on the Chinese legendary character of Sun Wukong (孫悟空/孙悟空), the main character of the beloved and famous 16th-century novel Journey to the West (西遊記/西游记) written by the great Wu Cheng'en (吳承恩). Game Science Interactive Technology is the developer of Black Myth: Wukong and was previously involved in the production of. Black Myth: Wukong is coming to PC.; The developer aims to hit all mainstream host platforms and cloud platforms that can run [the completed] game smoothly. This mostly likely points towards.

Black Myth: Wukong (黑神话 悟空, Heishenhua: Wukong) is an upcoming action video game from Game Science, a Chinese indie company formed by former Tencent employees. The game is based on Journey to the West, one of China's Four Great Classical Novels, and centers Sun Wukong, the titular Monkey King, as well as features elements from the book and its own original story Black Myth: Wukong's single-shot camera was inspired by God of War. If you've been keeping your finger on the upcoming PC games pulse, you've probably seen that trailer for Black Myth. Black Myth: Wukong is an upcoming action role-playing game by Chinese indie developer Game Science, based on the classical 16th-century Chinese novel Journey to the West The reveal of Black Myth: Wukong has captured player curiosity over a game that explores the Monkey King's mythology, but Black Myth isn't the first to show off the staff-twirling Wukong in video games. The legend of Sun Wukong traces back to the 16 th Century story Journey to the West.Born from a stone and bearing immense strength and speed, Wukong learned supernatural abilities from a.

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Black Myth: Wukong quickly rose to popularity after its 13 minute-long gameplay trailer reveal was released online. According to developer Game Science, the gameplay itself wasn't posted to show off how well the game looks, but instead to be used as a recruitment tool to request interested developers to join the team Black Myth: Wukong combines many different gameplay styles from many AAA titles. While it seems that it's another cookie-cutter Souls-like, the gameplay trailer says otherwise.It works more like a hybrid between God of War and Dark Souls, with next-gen visual design.. Wukong came out of nowhere. The announcement of Wukong happened without fanfare. Someone posted a link into the r/games.

Every gamer is excited to know the Black Myth Wukong Release Date after the official reveal of this amazing game. The official gameplay of 13 minutes is now available on the internet to watch. Here, you will get the complete information related to Black Myth Wukong Release Date, official gameplay, developer, pricing, supporting gaming platforms, and much more about this upcoming game Anyways, Black Myth casts players of Sun Wukong, or the Monkey King. While Sun Wukong looks to have some pretty solid kung fu skills himself, he can also transform into different forms, including.

Black Myth: Wukong is an upcoming action-adventure game based on a 16th-century Chinese novel. It has now been revealed that the game is the first of three, and the idea is to create a Black Myth. Before Black Myth: Wukong, the company developed the mobile games Art of War: Red Tides and 100 Heroes, both of which enjoyed moderate fame. Tencent to shore up gaming lead in China with Call of. One very interesting draw about Black Myth: Wu Kong is that it's a new take on a Chinese classic tale. The story of Sun Wukong, also known as the Monkey King, is one of the most famous Chinese.

Black Myth: Wukong is designed to be a gritty take on Journey to the West, featuring a more complex, dark version of the tale of Sun Wukong the Monkey King escorting a monk with a sacred scroll. The trailer shows three different monkeys - players will have to wait to work out who the real Wukong is Black Myth Wukong Dev Responds - if this response is genuine. 1.) This dev is going for perfect in a way that I absolutely appreciate but hope doesn't step on employees doing so. I'm good with the game being small and perfect. 2.) Sounds like they are using it to recruit more devs anyways so game seems far from complete

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Black Myth: WuKong, 1 new screenshot Thread starter leon9506; Start date Nov 11, 2020; Forums. Discussion. Gaming Forum. leon9506. Member. Aug 31, 2018 412. Nov 11, 2020 #1 shared by the art director YangQi on weibo, judging by the comment the lighting is hand crafted not ray traced, and they are waiting for UE5's Lumen lighting engine. Black Myth: Wukong is the first of three planned Black Myth games, each one drawing on different Chinese tales. Co-founder of Game Science - Feng Ji - wants to create a Black Myth Universe, not unlike the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Been in development since 2018. Release by 2023. 15+ hrs of total playtime. Over 100 enemy types, including bosse 黑神话:悟空, Wukong, Black Myth, game. Some of the pics are CG models for Wukong. The armor designs are also not specific to any era, it has the silhouette of Song- Ming armors but aside from that its not very accurate

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  1. g game, questions such as: who is the Monkey King
  2. Black Myth: Wukong Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. View Mobile Site.
  3. Black Myth: Wukong is a new martial arts action game developed by a Chinese studio that's taken the internet by storm in just a day. Announced on 19th August, Black Myth: Wukong is a retelling of.
  4. Free online HD Download of Black Myth: Wukong Wallpaper. Find other 4K Resolution Wallpapers at our homepage: widescreen and phone background sizes available. View the Trailer for Black Myth: Wukong Below
  5. Black Myth: Wukong. 70 likes · 125 talking about this. Video Gam
  6. utes of pre-alpha gameplay trailer filled some some exciting combat scenes as well as stunning visuals on Black Myth: Wukong. While the gameplay trailer was amazing to see, it's also filled with tons of references from the original Journey to the West novel
  7. Black Myth: Wukong Jól jegyezzük meg a Game Science nevét, ugyanis ez a kínai stúdió felel a 16. században született mitológiai témájú regény, a Nyugati utazás legnépszerűbb karaktere, majomkirály Szun Wu-kong (Sun Wukong) köré felépített egyjátékos alkotásért, amely a tervek szerint PC-re és konzolokra is ellátogat majd

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  1. Black Myth: Wukong 4 out 9 = final score 44% + wicked smoke effects + destructible stuff + engaging combat? maybe? + interesting boss (1 so far) - boring style (imho), same as godfall. - generic forest leve
  2. ute gameplay video is impressive and it already looks a potential Game of the Year contender. A game inspired by the legendary Monkey King
  3. g.com. Read Full Story >> linkcablega
  4. Over the recent announcement of Black Myth: Wukong recently, fans are freaking out on how gorgeous the game looks from the official gameplay trailer that was released. From their official Website , they had also provided us with some more amazing screenshots, wallpaper as well as official artwork to make us even more hyped over the game
  5. Black Myth: Wu Kong is an action-adventure game from Game Science Studio about the monkey king Sun Wukong from Chinese mythology. The plot of the game is one of the legends, where Sun went on a journey and fought many monsters, people and other gods on the way
  6. ute long gameplay demo for Black Myth: Wukong shows that China is finally ready for the AAA.

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Black Myth: Wukong. Go To. Forums; Video Games; GO . 1 2 page 1 of 2 Next. Demongodofchaos2 Best Dad from Eldritch Nightmareland Relationship Status: 700 wives and 300 concubines . Best Dad Aug 20th 2020 at 7:49:28 AM. A new action game for the Next Gen Consoles and PC from Chinese studio Game Science thats a Dark Fantasy take on the myth of. In Black Myth: Wukong, an upcoming 3rd-person action/RPG game featuring Souls-like gameplay by Chinese indie developer Game Science. [30] Sun Wukong is one of twelve mythological heroes able to be summoned by civilizations in Civilization VI's Heroes and Legends Mode Black Myth: Wukong may not be a household name yet, but it's already attracted a lot of attention following its recent announcement and gameplay trailer.. This is the first large-scale project from Chinese indie developer Game Science and it looks incredibly ambitious. So much so that Game Science founder Feng Ji wants viewers to forget the footage that was revealed as it was intended. Black Myth: Wukong is a third-person action RPG coming from Game Science studio which can be simply named as one of the best-looking upcoming games from what we can see during its first game..mor

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  1. Black Myth: Wukong has been in development for around 2 years and counting The game will be a gritty take on the Journey to the West story and that it's going to be pretty dark and complex. Game Science is planning for Black Myth: Wukong to be the first of three Black Myth tales , with the other games taking inspiration from other Chinese tales
  2. Game Science, a formerly little-known Chinese game developer, has made a splash with the August 20, 2020, release of a trailer to promote their new role-playing game Black Myth: Wukong. Within a.
  3. ute trailer for Black Myth: Wukong — a new video game based on the story of the Monkey King — the indie ga

Emerging from the canopy like, well, some kind of Monkey royalty, Black Myth: Wukong burst out of nowhere with some lovely footage earlier today. While it's still a long ways off completion, our first 13-minute brings us from bug-flights and dog fights to chasing down dragons while surfing a cloud, wrapped in a surprisingly simian take on Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice The recent trailer for Black Myth: Wukong has taken the gaming world by storm, with gamers across the globe raving about the game's mythical influences and awe-inspiring action sequences. But while Black Myth is extremely impressive, it isn't the first game to be inspired by Eastern mythology.A forgotten Bioware title called Jade Empire infused ancient Chinese mythos with traditional martial. One of the biggest surprises this week was the reveal of Black Myth: Wukong, an action game that comes from a small Chinese-based development team called Game Science Studio. The reveal showed off. Black Myth WuKong Thoughts : Welcome to a Black Myth WuKong. This is my thoughts of this trailer and Everything know about this trailer Both games are visually stunning, but black myth wukong have an edge for me...shame it is at least 2-3 years before it is released . Reactions: GraveyGamer, Hayfield and DonF. Eliciel Member. Oct 30, 2009 1,648 795 1,095. Oct 5, 2020 #9 Demon's Souls is not just pure nostalgia for a lot of gamers out there. Demon's Souls / From Software is the.

Black Myth Wukong PS4 Release. Game Science hasn't confirmed a Black Myth PS4 release yet; in fact, it hasn't even said what formats it'll be released for. So far, the studio has only said. Black Myth: Wukong caused quite the uproar when it began circulating the web with a 13-minute long gameplay trailer that showed off its spectacular combat and graphics. In fact, the public was so impressed by the footage shown that more than 10-thousand resumes were handed in to the studio - in-person and online

A Black Myth: Wukong létezésére semmilyen jel nem utalt, a hétvégén azonban berobbant a köztudatba egy látványos előzetessel, melyben a játékmenetet is láthatjuk. A játék egyébként az Enslaved: Odyssey to the West alapjául szolgáló Nyugati utazás regény egyik nem ismert részét dolgozza majd fel The title Black Myth suggests a bigger myth universe. In Chinese myths, Journey to the West is just one of the many great stories. Feng and his team are hoping Black Myth: Wukong is just a beginning to build up a Chinese Black Myth Universe, similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe Last month, Chinese indie studio Game Science revealed a trailer for Black Myth: Wukong, a soulslike title based on characters from famous novel Journey to the West.The 13-minute trailer showed.


Without a doubt, one of the new video games that have caused the most talk this summer has been Black Myth: Wukong. The new title from the Chinese indie studio Game Science, which is inspired by Journey to the West, wowed gamers around the world with its spectacular first trailer. Now, thanks to IGN China we have learned more information about this striking souls-like This Black Myth: Wukong boss fight shows a dozen monkey kings fighting a Bloodborne werewolf If you're going to take on a massive werewolf, you might as well bring some friends

No idea. The place where the footage takes place at is a rebuilt monastery at Black Wind Mountain. The reason it was rebuilt was because it was burned to the ground by a fire. A fire started by Sun Wukong during the Journey to the West. This could very well take place after years after the Journey for all we know Black Myth: Wukong from developer Game Science is based on the classic Chinese tale Journey to the West, and it's been announced for consoles and PC [Re:] Bemutatkozott a Black Myth: Wukong - PROHARDVER! Fórum. Kinézetre bejön. Amúgy is odavagyok a Xianxia regényekért, és szerintem rajtam kívül is van érdeklődés a műfaj iránt ázsián kívül is, de érdekes módon a játékban talán az egyetlen ami közel állt hozzájuk eddig (gagyi kínai MMO-kat kivéve) az a Jade Empire a Bioware-től még 2005-ből

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Black Myth: Wu Kong is a darker take on the Journey to the West tale. The gameplay looks similar to what you might find in Souls-like games, while features like a single-shot camera, were inspired.

Upcoming Sun Wukong RPG by Chinese game developer looksAnunciado Black Myth: Wukong - Ramen Para DosWukong | Arena of Valor - zilliongamerBlack Myth: Wukong nous montre des parties du gameplayJoystique - JoystiqueSự thật đằng sau đoạn trailer bom tấn của Black MythDevNEW PRODUCT: 303TOYS x Evening phase: 1/6 National Wind
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