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2nd Generation HIFU system. Focused ultrasound Therapy. DOUBLO It is very effective for skin rejuvenation and face lifting. If you want to know this machin.. What Is Doublo HIFU? HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. The Doublo is a medical grade facial treatment system which uses ultrasonic energy to create long-lasting results in a single treatment. How Does Doublo HIFU Work? Precise HIFU energy is used to heat the skin from within, creating microinjuries which trigger natural healing responses High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound System Enhancing: Safety, Strength, Speed, Style. Highly Precise, Non-Surgical, Medical Procedure System for Professionals. Doublo HIFU's Speed is Innovative Performance Doublo is a skin tightening treatment which utilises HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) waves to reach the deeper layers of the skin, tightening and rejuvenating the treated area from the inside out. The ultrasonic waves help contribute to both collagen remodeling and SMAS contraction in a single treatment Doublo Gold is the most advanced HIFU machine that comes with 10,000 lines compared to the less thousand shots of other machines. It works for fat reduction, skin tightening, and non-invasive facelift. IMPROVED DELIVERY SYSTEM. Doublo Gold is an upgraded HIFU machine from Hironic designed to deliver faster and more efficient shots for maximum results

DOUBLO HIFU MŰTÉTMENTES ARCPLASZTIKA. A DOUBLO mikrofókuszált ultrahangos kezelés egy olyan exkluzív orvos-esztétikai eljárás, amely hatékonysága messze lekörözi az eddigi non-invazív szépségipari technológiákat. Rendkívül mélyre hat a bőrfelszín sértése nélkül a természetes, fókuszált nagy energiájú ultrahang. HIFU facelift before and after are a photographs of a patient's face before and after ultrasound treatment (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound). Modern cosmetology is rapidly developing and already today it allows to effectively and safely eliminate age-related manifestations on the skin with the use of non-surgical techniques

Doublo HIFU kezelés ajánlott bőrfeszesítésre, ránctalanításra és zsírfelesleg eltávolítására - megereszkedett bőr, romló arckontúrok, turgorát veszített arcbőr, kifejezett Marionett ráncok (szájzug és az áll íve között) - lógó szemhéj - kisebb területek felesleges zsírrétege:toka, nyak, tér Doublo Gold is the latest generation of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology from Hironic, the pioneer of HIFU in Korea. It delivers focused thermal energy through the skin layers, safely reaching the SMAS to promote collagen regeneration A HIFU az orvosi praxisban az intenzív fókuszált ultrahang energiával a szöveti hőmérsékletet 65-70 °C-ra emeli. Ennek következtében azonnal látható feszesedés alakul ki, ami a rostok hő hatására bekövetkező rövidülésének köszönhető Doublo-gold is a non-surgical face and body lifting and tightening device through HIFU technology. SLIMUS™ SLIMUS uses 1060nm LVAT(Laser Vibration Alliance Technology) safely inducing adipocyte injury leading to the naturally eliminating of fat cell

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Doublo HIFU; Регистрационное удостоверение № ФСЗ 2012/11927 от 25.05.2012 . Doublo HIFU.. Doublo Gold® 3rd Generation HiFu is a non-surgical way to tighten the skin, also known as the non-surgical facelift. The lunchtime facelift with Doublo Gold® 3rd Generation HiFu Also known as Ultherapy or Ultraforma, Doublo Gold skin tightening is a revolutionary treatment of high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) set to target different depths where the energy stimulates neocollagensis DOUBLO HIFU - Fókuszált ultrahangos orvosi arcfiatalítás. Igazi eredmények, valódi magyar Nőkön szike és idegen anyag nélkül a RevitalMed Doublo Orvosi Arcfiatalító eljárásával At Skin Excellence Clinics we use the latest and most effective HIFU system available today, The Doublo Gold. This is a non-invasive energy based treatment to lift and tighten the skin. HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. This pioneering treatment uses the latest medical technologies to help tone, tighten and firm the skin

Highly popular in South Korea, the Doublo Gold is an upgraded version of the original Doublo that pioneered HIFU in South Korea, with over a million clinical cases since 2011. HIFU, or High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, helps to tighten the skin by using heat energy to stimulate the regeneration of collagen and elastin DOUBLO-GOLD 2nd Generation of HIFU System for Face Lifting and Skin Tighting. PLASONIC Plasonic maximizes cosmetic penetration into skin. SLIMUS 1060nm Diode Laser+Interval Vibration = LVAT Technology AFIT World First All in One System for Acne. ULTRA VERA World's 1st HIFU device for women's healt HIFU DOUBLO-GOLD DOUBLO-S DOUBLO DOUBLO-M ULTRA VERA Laser PICOHI SLIMUS QFIT AFIT MIDEPI Cryo fat reduction MICOOL-S. FUE hair transplant EASYMO GRAFT IPL MIRACLEAR PLASMA PLASONIC HIFU therapy. Stay young secret Doublo HIFU therapy. DOUBLO Face lifting and skin tightening laser treatment Luxura now brings you the most exclusive and most advanced medical-aesthetic equipment, the Doublo HIFU skin rejuvenating treatment.Its success lies in the fact, that unlikely to non-invasive technology in the beauty industry it is providing solution for skin problems which appears over. How does Doublo HIFU Work? Doublo HIFU uses ultrasonic energy to heat the skin from within, triggering natural healing responses. Doublo can reach not only the outer layer of skin (epidermis) but also the deep dermis and even the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) which includes the muscles and fibromuscular layers that give the skin its structure

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  1. Duoblo HIFU is effective for treating: Non-surgical face and neck lift - a lifting effect without surgery. Tightening the jawline and lifting the jowls. Eyebrow lifting reducing the heaviness of eyelid skin. Reducing crow's feet and smile lines. Nasolabial fold reduction. Shrinking double chins
  2. g the skin or surrounding tissue while promoting collagen growth. This will in turn dramatically lifts and firms the face, brow and neck, and improves jawline definition
  3. Find high-quality Korea Doublo HIFU SMAS Lifting High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Beauty Machine at wholesale price from one of the top suppliers of China - Empire beauty. Join Now. Please wait while your account is being registered at Beautetrade.com . Join Free World's Leading Beauty & Personal Care B2B Platform
  4. What are the down sides of HIFU/ Ulthera , worse case . How does one know the Dr handling your face is qualified or not to do the job. what is the difference bet HIFU And Ulthera. Any specific areas to be avoided which is prone to sag . A face which has gone through botox , fillers can it take..

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A wide variety of hifu doublo machine options are available to you, such as face, body. You can also choose from dual handle, single handle, and triple handle hifu doublo machine, as well as from ultrasonic, high frequency hifu doublo machine, and whether hifu doublo machine is skin tightening, anti-puffiness, or deep cleansing Doublo Gold is the most sophisticated technology available for this type of treatment and delivers outstanding results. It is the most supreme, revolutionary HIFU device you will find on the market. There are other types of devices used in the industry. The HIFU Facelift is an exciting alternative to surgery Just 4 weeks after Doublo-S Hifu Skin Tightening, the results from the treatment are becoming more visible with toned, lifted skin showing on the treated areas especially below my eyes; the puffiness has since been reduced and skin slightly lifted and looking more toned! Some part of the fine lines and wrinkles around my neck are also visibly. A Doublo HIFU egy világszerte elismert koreai orvosi gépeket gyártó cég terméke, a Hironic cég terméke. A Koreában gyártott orvosi gépek nagy presztízzsel rendelkeznek és a gyárak mindig a legfrissebb fejlesztéseket alkalmazzák A wide variety of hifu doublo hironic co options are available to you, such as face, body. You can also choose from ultrasonic, high frequency hifu doublo hironic co, as well as from dual handle hifu doublo hironic co, and whether hifu doublo hironic co is skin tightening, anti-puffiness, or wrinkle remover

What is target of doublo-S? 1 Convey HIFU(High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) deeply into the the Skin fractionally, 2 Cause thermal damage to the deep Tissues such as Dermis, border between Dermis and 3 Subcutaneous layer, Subcutaneous fat Fibro tissue, SMAS and Fascia. 4 Through a few months recovering period fro Doublo HIFU -50% Őszi kedvezmény. RevitalMed. 2018. szeptember 21. · Világszerte több ezer NŐ ajánlásával! - Doublo HIFU Orvosi Arcfiatalítás- MOST -50% KEDVEZMÉNNYEL foglalhatod SZEPTEMBER VÉGIG.. DOUBLO Gold System delivers High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound to offer a non-surgical alternative to face and neck-lifts by targeting specific depths of the skin and tissue. A low amount of High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound, as known as HIFU, energy to the skin and underlying tissue Doublo Gold is the next generation high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) machine. The machine uses ultrasound technology to treat a wide range of skin indications such as wrinkles, fine lines, and skin laxity. The ultrasound energy gently heats up tissues below the skin, which can stimulate collagen production and cell renewal doublo-s High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) system for Deep Skin Lifting and Tightening HIFU [High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is a highly precise medical procedure using High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound to heat and destroy pathogenic tissue rapidly.The earliest widespread use of HIFU was as a treatment for prostate cancer

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is the name of a medical technology. There are many brands of HIFU devices. We offer Ultraformer 3. Ultraformer 3 is a Korea FDA, Europe CE and HSA Singapore approved ultrasound skin tightening treatment for face and skin lifting. Similar to Ultherapy, HIFU is a non-invasive treatment Minden HIFU gépnek van több mélységbe célzó feje. Ha a tipeket nem megfelelően használják, kimegy a bőr alól a jótékony zsírréteg és ijesztően beesett lesz az arcunk. Vannak olyan helyek, ahol nem szabad minden kezelőfejet használni. Ha ezt a kezelőszemély nem tudja, több kárt okoz, mint hasznot Learn more about our skin tightening teatment using BTL Exilis HIFU (High Radio Frequency) and RF (Radio Frequency) *Guaranteed 5-year results The only dual skin tightening treatment that uses HiFU technology to penetrate the deep layers of tissue and boost new collagen production, while also promoting collagen regeneration right at the source But with so many HIFU devices in the market - Ultraformer, Doublo-S, and Ablatherm, just to name a few - it can be confusing to figure out the difference between Ultherapy and other HIFU devices. We break down the major differences between Ultherapy and other HIFU devices for you: 1. Ultherapy has FDA Approva

Doublo Therapy. 64 likes. Doublo HİFU Ameliyatsız yüz &vücut germe cihazı Tek seansta 1-1.5 yıl kalıcılık 52 klinik ve uygulama merkezi Acısız ve ağrısız uygulama Patentli teknoloj 2. HIFU proven by cumulative sales and clinical cases. 3. Fastest treatment by Two-way round shooting and Auto Shot mode. BENEFITS OF DOUBLO GOLD TREATMENTS. Skin loses its plump and firm texture over time due to aging and sun damage. With Doublo Gold, it is possible to restore the youthfulness of skin with safe and non-invasive treatment Doublo HIFU for Skin of Colour. Dr Barbara Kubicka, MD, founder of Clinicbe Skin of Colour, explains why she feels that the system has strong benefits for patients of all ethnicities. The Doublo HIFU is an incredibly versatile system which can be used on skin of all tones and types HIFU System for Face Lifting and Body Treatment; Skin Tightening and Rejuvenation, Non - Invasive Lifting for Face, Collagen Remodeling and SMAS Contraction Doublo™ - Deep Skin Tightening Treatment with HIFU - hironi

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The new Doublo Lift has only just been become available in Australia, and it is the first Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved device for cosmetic high-intensity-focused-ultrasound (HIFU) treatment High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Treatment. The latest hi-tech Korean skin treatment technology is now in the UK as Clinicbe® is launching the advanced Doublo Gold HIFU system in Knightsbridge, London. HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. This treatment uses precise and powerful ultrasonic energy to heat the skin from within

Also known as Ultherapy or Ultraforma, Doublo Gold skin tightening is a revolutionary treatment of high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) set to target different depths where the energy stimulates neocollagensis. HIFU also stimulates fibroblasts in your skin, remodels collagen and contracts the fat layers with little or no obvious healthing time Аппараты для ультразвукового SMAS-лифтинга лица: Doublo system hifu, Альтера (Ulthera), Ультраформер (Ultraformer) и др HIFU skin tightening. Devices used for RF skin tightening: Ulthera®, Doublo® It's a new type of non-surgical, non-invasive method that uses ultrasound technology and the body's own natural healing process to tighten and tone wobbly skin on your face DOUBLO is the 2nd generation of HIFU for Face Lifting and Tightening. It has an extensibility not just in mechanical innovation but in more accesses to human being. Introduction A. Transducers, - Decrease damage on the surrounding tissues - Generate more accurate coagulation - Lower consumables cost thanks to more durable transduce

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Doublo HIFU's Speed is Innovative Performance! Treatment time is dramatically reduced with Hironic's High-capacity Technology and with Doublo HIFU System you can treat twice the amount of patients than before. If needing training for large groups of 10+ please call us on 1800 628 999 HIFU Doublo Gold is a third-generation machine which is the predecessor of the model Doublo for non-surgical HIFU-lifting. It was developed by the Korean company Hironic. The main characteristic for this specific model is that the treatment time has been cut in half, from 17 to 8 minutes for the whole face © 2020 Innomed Asia. All Rights Reserved. Web Design By Firstcom SolutionsFirstcom Solution DOUBLO-S HIFU Treatment. HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) has become one of the most sought after non-surgical face lift treatments for face, neck and chest. HIFU helps to achieve tighter, firmer, lifted skin in just one or two treatments with results lasting around 12-18 months.. The Doublo S treatment is a 2nd generation HIFU device and is much more comfortable than the original Ultherapy treatment. Generally, the procedure is well tolerated, however, there are areas where the treatment becomes more intense or uncomfortable; typically this is along the jawline or the brow

HIFU Mechanism HIFU [High Intensity Focused Ultra-sound] • Non-invasive treatment with thermal energy that focused ultrasound from transducer Generate enough energy to coagulative necrosis No damaged except treat area No harm at all when passing through human tissue No infection and no bleeding for non-invasive treatmen Nidek MP-3 Micro-Perimeter. Auto tracking and auto alignment functions provide more accurate measurements increasing patient and operator comfort and efficiency Hironic Co.,Ltd is a leading medical device manufacturer, taking the top position in the domestic HIFU lifting and Cryo-fat reduction market shares it ambitiously presents variety of new products with substantive R&D investments of skin lifting device (DOUBLO Series), Cryo-Fat Reduction devices (MICOOL Series), Total Trouble Skin Solution device (Miraclear Plus) and more DOUBLO GOLD For the first time in Greece, we introduce the revolutionary Focused Ultrasound device, DOUBLO HIFU. With five different levels of thermal shrinkage for the face and body, HIRONIC's awarded device is possibly the best tool for a clinic Doublo HIFU dekoltázs fiatalító kezelés igénybe vétele esetén a szemkörnyék kezelést ajándékba adjuk, így még magabiztosabban nézhet tükörbe! Az akció októberi igénybevétel esetén érvényes, korlátozott számban. További információ és időpontkérés a +36 70 403 9270-es telefonszámon

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China Korea Hifu Doublo Co Hifu Slimming Device, Find details about China Doublo Hifu, Hifu Doublo Co from Korea Hifu Doublo Co Hifu Slimming Device - Beijing Nubway S & T Co., Ltd A proper HIFU facelift procedure is repeated once every 12-18 months. As for fat-melting procedures such as for jowls or double chin reduction, 1-2 sessions might be needed. A micro-fractionated HIFU or a unbranded HIFU may not omit the same amount of heat or energy as a proper type of HIFU, and may require more sessions to achieve visible. HIFU Doublo s. 74 likes. maximal effekt för ansiktslyft och kroppsskulptering med DOUBLO-S HIFU! Fantastisk resultat utan kirurgiska ingrepp på bara en behandling

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High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a non-invasive therapeutic technique that uses non-ionizing ultrasonic waves to heat or ablate tissue. HIFU can be used to increase the flow of blood or lymph, or to destroy tissue, such as tumors, via thermal and mechanical mechanisms.Given the prevalence and relatively low cost of ultrasound, HIFU has been subject to much research and development HIFU (Doublo Gold) Treatment for Face and Neck Tightening. Doublo Gold is the latest generation of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology from Hironic, the pioneer of HIFU in Korea. It delivers focused thermal energy through the skin layers, safely reaching the SMAS to promote collagen regeneration - Doublo HIFU Facial Tightening. The Doublo High Intensity Focused Ultrasound system is a revolutionary system from Korea utilising sound waves at different layers of the skin to tighten it in multiple depths. Doublo uses precise, micro-focused ultrasound waves,then focuses heat on the correct soft tissue layers. By focusing on these layers of. A Doublo-S második generációs HIFU face lifting gép a koreai Hironic gyár egyik piacvezető készüléke. A Doublo termékcsalád tagja, melyhez már testkezelő fej is kapható, tehát nem csak érettebb bőrű vendégei igényeit elégítheti ki, hanem a fogyni vágyó páciensekét is. A készülék exklúzív és luxus szintre emelheti szalonját nem csak a kezelés minőségével.

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Doublo-S Második Generációs HIFU Facelifting Gépdoublo倍提音波拉提馬上體驗半邊臉的效果一次治療達到拉提 + 緊緻雙重效果@采葳時尚醫美診所 美麗的凍齡肌膚时光逆转童颜再造-Doublo-Gold金博伦极速SIFU抗衰系统-深圳市和创元科技有限公司ダブロ(HIFU/ハイフ) - 【公式】美容皮膚科を東京でお探しなら広尾プライム皮膚科クリニック/東京都渋谷区LightSheer Duet de Lumenis – Equipo Depilación láser de diodo
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